Starting with the oldest pictures I could find. ....that's funny, the little ones were so cute then.

----------------------------------------     2005     ----------------------------------------  


----------------------------------------     2007     ----------------------------------------  

Not so cute anymore. They hit a lot harder! :-)

----------------------------------------     2008     ----------------------------------------  

----------------------------------------     2009     ----------------------------------------  

  Watch Board Break

----------------------------------------     2010     ----------------------------------------  

Congratulations to all!    This was our first formal exam in McKinney instead of holding the large exams at Alpha.
Special Thanks to Rob Whapham, Daniel Hunt, and David Burford from G.M. Yates' classes in Richardson,
and Sam Mohkamkar from a sister AKATO class for coming out to help and make the exam a success!

Click here to see a pyramid picture of the promotion history


Dr. Thompson presents Mr. Roark with his certificate for 3rd degree.

     Click here to see Brick Break

Earlier that day, after the exam, Mr. Roark poses with 2 of his first instructors
who had come to cheer him on.


----------------------------------------     2011     ----------------------------------------  

Congratulations to the 4 new blue belts! Also new Green belt (not pictured).
Very Special Thanks to Avery Murray of Nikko Ryu Dojo (and other places) for sitting on the Board.
Thanks to Andrew Hollon, Ben Wasserman, and Chad Akin from various AKATO sister schools for also sitting
on the Board, or just helping out.

Congratulations to the 2 new green belts!
Thanks to brown belt Reid Combest from a sister AKATO school for helping out.

----------------------------------------     2012     ----------------------------------------  


                                                                                                                                                                                BW poster size
(Front Row, Left to Right)  Michael Dean, Sam Mohkamkar, Jordan Rogers. 
Congratulations to the 2 new black belts, and new brown belt.
Very Special THANKS to G.M. Proctor and G.M. Yates
Thanks also to Aaron Barnett, Robbie Luke, Avery Murry, Darren Scribner, Ysabel Merhout, Jake Manning, Logan Scribner,
Dave Burford, Reid Combest. (Michael and Jordan are Alpha students; Sam is from a sister AKATO school).

Front Row, Left to Right:  Daniel, Ruben, Michael, Aaron, Daniel
Back Row, (Fifth from left) Shawn DeVault, (Far Right) Carlos Ortiz
THANKS also to Dave Burford, Eric Thompson, Reid Combest, Cole Adams, Darren and Logan Scribner for helping!

----------------------------------------     2013     ----------------------------------------  



In addition to the 1st degree Black belts in the front row, Mr. Roark got his 4th-degree Black belt.

Congrats to Robert, Abby, and Caleb!
Thanks to Mr. Mohkamkar and Mr. Burford for being on the board.

THANKS to all the black belts for coming out for the test.  Great THANKS also to Mr. Cox for coming.
CONGRATULATIONS!! to all the students testing and SPECIAL congratulations to Tiffany for becoming
the second female brown belt I've ever had.  She's come a long way!


----------------------------------------     2014     ----------------------------------------  

THANKS to Mr. Bray and Mr. Mohkamkar for coming out to help on the test.


Students promoting: Aaron Hernandez, Michael Hernandez, Yaran Begg (BLUE)
Yavar Begg (3rd BROWN),
Sam Mohkamkar (2nd BLACK)
Thanks to G.M. Yates, Eric Thompson, Aaron Barnett, Rob & Tabitha Whapham, Journey Bray, Cole Adams,
Trevor & Tiffany Nguyen, and Mr. Caesar Johnson for coming.

Congrats to Thomas, Trevor, Tiffany Nguyen and Mike Pham
Thanks to Eric Thompson, Dave Burford, Rob and Tabitha Whapham, Cole Adams


Congratulations to all the new Orange belts

----------------------------------------     2015     ----------------------------------------  

Congrats to the new Green belts!
Thanks to Mr. Adams, Mr. Thompson and Mr. Burford for helping!

Congrats to the new Orange and Green belts!
Thanks to Mr. Thompson and Mark and Aimee Hollon for helping!

----------------------------------------     2016     ----------------------------------------  

Congrats to Yavar, Yaran, Michael, Aaron and Alya!
THANKS to Mr. Thompson, Mr. Adams and Mr. Bray for helping on the exam!




Congrats to Olivia, Ryan, Daniel, Pinak, Caleb and Bohdan!
THANKS to the brown and black belts that came to help!!