I made this page when Covid first hit, to help students during all the shutdowns. I'm updating it now to just have
general help for the lower ranks.

These should be used to REMIND you of the techniques, not to try and "LEARN" them.  You will LEARN them during class.

I made these in a hurry, so you could have SOMEthing at all to see.  I hope to remake these better when I have time.

Down Block
Hand "folds" by the ear, other hand in low center, perform block. This block is done in FRONT stance.
Up Block
Hand "folds" low center then rises, protecting face. This block is done in FRONT stance.
Inside Block
Hands "fold" as if you had stick going through your ears, then block center. This block is done in FRONT stance.
Outside Block
Hands "fold" making 'equal sign' and reach as if you had a sword on your back hip.
Pull sword out to perform block. THIS block is done in BACK stance.

Front Choke 1
They choke. You cross one hand OVER their arm, and then UNDER the other one. Put your hands together as shown and then
turn your whole body.

Front Choke 2
One hand comes up near their arm, as shown, your other hand extends to the pressure point in the neck and you turn.
Do this one *GENTLY* to your partner!!

Wrist Grabs 1 and 2
Partner grabs your wrist, straight across (same side, not cross hand). Reach over their thumb (so you don't fight against all their fingers)
Then grab your own hand, and pull it up to your opposite shoulder, as shown.
If they grab one of your wrists, with both their hands, it's the same escape. As shown.

Wrist Grab 2 on 2
Twist your wrists (as shown) up through the inside, and then raise your hands up by your ears.

Bear Hug, if your hands are trapped
Bear Hug Hands Trapped

Bear Hug, if your hands are free
Bear Hug Hands Free


First Form ("kata") is GENESIS Genesis (form # 1)  This is the form YELLOW belts learn and practice.

SECOND Form ("kata") is EXODUS Exodus (form # 2)  This is form ORANGE belts learn and practice
as well as still practicing Genesis.