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TAE KWON DO      at  Elevate Gymnastics

Self Defense.    Family fun.    Health and Fitness.

Where: Elevate Gymnastics 17815 Davenport Road, Suite 101. Dallas, TX 75252
Davenport is just one block east of Preston
Phone 972-248-2805

When: Tuesday and Thursday
Beginners (all ages) :    5:30-6:30 pm.
Advanced (Teens +):     6:30-7:30 pm (by permission of the instructor).


Cost      ** SPECIAL!! **    $75/mo    ** SPECIAL!! **

No uniform is required until the student tests for their first belt (yellow), although they may certainly get a uniform sooner if they like.
No special signup is required. We run classes all year long. If you have other sports that's fine. We have several students who disappear for baseball/cheerleading/whatever season, and come back when it's over.

Ages: "6 to 600". (I say "6" years old as a general guideline for parents. There have been a FEW kids who just couldn't get enough of this who were younger, or who took the class with a parent. Those kids did okay--however, GENERALLY speaking, I recommend 6 years and older).

There is no age "too old". If you are 106 and want to start now then you have a great attitude!

Schedule: Every Tuesday and Thursday with rare exceptions.  We typically announce those in the weeks prior.


Private Lessons are available.
Students preparing for a belt exam or tournament--or just wanting some extra practice time--often ask about these.
Please contact the Instructor for details if you are interested.


Contact Information

Please contact me if you have additional questions. 

Elevate Gymnastics  972-248-2805.
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