2017 Throwing seminar.  (Hopefully have another one at end of summer).  Just a few pics from this one, and then
photos from the last seminar

O-Soto-Gari is always a good one to practice.

THANKS to everyone that came! 


2015 Throwing/Falling/Joint lock Practice Seminar. 

Here's the group shot from the most recent seminar (August).  Below are photos from the Spring.

This year we joined with students from Mrs. Merhouts' classes.
THANKS to Mrs. Merhout for helping teach the joint lock sessions,
and THANKS to Billy (the owner) and The Gymnastics Place for allowing us all to come practice on their many mats.


Starting with Outer Reap (O Soto Gari)

Wheel Throw and Dive Roll    

Working on Seo Nage....

and Kote Gaeshi....

Mr. Roark correcting some technique...

And here's the whole group. Nice turnout!!


These 2 guys wanted to fly so Mr. Roark did Tomoe Nage for them.



THANKS again to THE GYMNASTICS PLACE,  Mrs. Merhout for her help and assistance!

THANKS to all the students who came!